About Amanda Winn Lee

Amanda Winn LeeAmanda Winn Lee used to have a very active career in anime, but now she mainly just enjoys hanging out with her kid. She voiced Rei in Neon Genesis Evangeleon, Yukiko in Persona 4, Momiji in Blue Seed, Rally in Gunsmith Cats, Mimiru in .hack/SIGN, Rio in the Burn Up series, Mika Seido in Gene Shaft, Pandy in Dead Leaves, and a bunch of others that she can’t think of right now. She also wrote ADR scripts and did some directing, most notably for the first round of Evangelion movies, but with the aid of a talented therapist was able to break this self-destructive cycle. Her dream of living in artistic obscurity keeps suffering setbacks as she continues to get work voicing video games. Now she is adding “scribe” to her dubious list of achievements, which also includes Font of Useless Information and General Pain in the Neck. Her goals are to revel in her status as an anime has-been and to achieve MILFdom. She is currently married to the unbelievably sexy and hilarious Jason C. Lee until the drugs wear off and he comes to his senses. They share a house with their son Nicholas, as well as a snake, two ridiculous dogs, a mouse, and a 50 lb. tortoise named “Methuselah.”